Anonymous asked: did you find anyone to take over the account for you?

oh i did. they haven’t responded back to me so i suppose the spot is still open to who ever would like to take it :) 

michaels-hairdye5sos asked: Hey miss you loads!

i miss you all too :( 

5heartbreakgirl asked: OOC: MY LOVELY MIKEY I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH~~

you can still talk to me! i frequently check this account and i can give you my kik :)

lukeysring asked: Hi do you have kik?

Yes but not to rp

feelsparker asked: I love u

I love you too

disguisedflaws asked: Miss you loads :(

Im trying to get someone on the account soon! I miss you all. I can give you my personal :)

disguisedflaws asked: Bye hun. We'll miss you so much! I'm confident the new owner will do this acct justice though :)

Byee :)

Anonymous asked: BYE! I'll MISS YOU

I’ll miss you guys too


I’ve givin my account away to someone who I trust. I hope you guys like her and don’t miss me so much! I love you all and I’ll miss you :) bye!

69shadesofcunt asked: Alright, I'll talk to you on your personal (:

Do you have it?