antionette1 asked: *I kiss back, putting as much passion and love into the kiss as possible*

*lifts you up and smiles into the kiss before pulling away* 

hauntedcalumflakes asked: *chuckles* yep I can get really sassy than I am now

*looks at you shocked and smirks* I’d love to see that

dammitbands asked: Nope. You're much cuter. *giggles* "*Luke walks out* I was just looking for you Michael. *smiles as he sees me* Well hello, beautiful. *winks*"

*smiles and gets protective, wrapping an arm around your waist* Hey, Luke. Babe, this is Luke *kisses your cheek*

disguisedflaws asked: *laughs a little* Of course I want to come, baby! But we should probably go back to my house so you can help me pack. I dunno what to bring! Oh my god.

*smiles widely* We’ll figure it out in the morning, okay? *kisses your forehead and chuckles* 

get-away-favorite-place asked: *cuddles up to you* okay babe *shuts my eyes*

*smiles softly and cuddles you, falling asleep*

Anonymous asked: *puts on clothes *

*looks at you and smiles*

disguisedflaws asked: TOMORROW?!? michael thats so soon!! I dont have any of my stuff together!

I’m sorry! I’m sorry! It’s just… I’m sorry Do you still want to come? 

get-away-favorite-place asked: *yawns* I'm sleeeeepy

*smiles softly and yawns* Me too. Let’s get some sleep 

dammitbands asked: *grins and kisses your cheek* You're so cute.

*smiles and blushes slightly as the elevator doors open* Not as cute as you

antionette1 asked: *smiles slightly, stroking you gently and very teasingly*

*moans and kisses you hard*