krewellahood asked: *sigh* *texts back* thanks I guess

*frowns and texts back* What do you mean I guess?

Anonymous asked: Did you get a new phone? Or fine the one that was stolen? :) (it was stolen right ❓❔)

Umm, I’m trying to get a new one because we haven’t been able to find the person that stole it and yeah, thanks for asking

get-away-favorite-place asked: *all time low comes on* yessssssssssssssss

*smiles widely* Yayyyy!!! 

disguisedflaws asked: *giggles, blushing* You're amazing, babe... *looks into your eyes, taking your hand from across the table*

*smiles and holds your hand, rubbing your knuckles* You’re even more amazing. You’re so beautiful. 

Anonymous asked: *turns face towards you* kiss me

*smiles and kisses you*

Anonymous asked: Oh my god, thank you so much! *wraps my arms around you tightly and hugs you* I know it might not seem like a lot to you, but this means the world to me.

*smiles and hugs you close, putting my face in your neck* 

Anonymous asked: (On anon bc too lazy to log in oops) *looks up at you* Could I really do that? Come with you, I mean? Cause I'd love to do that. *smiles* That'd be amazing.

(haha) *smiles and nods* Of course, I mean I’ll have to ask the boys and management but yeah *chuckles*

Anonymous asked: Hmm, *sighs in content * feels nice *drops dish in sink and closes eyes*

*smiles and keeps rubbing, kissing your cheek softly*

get-away-favorite-place asked: *sings with you*

*smiles over at you and sings*

disguisedflaws asked: *smiles, sitting down* Michael this place is so nice!

*smiles and pushes in your chair before sitting down myself* It’s beautiful. Like you