get-away-favorite-place asked: I will just go eat

*looks at you confused*

iamthenon-hipster asked: And you expect me to believe that? *sniffles* Show me proof! *looks at you* Right now, show me proof, and I won't leave.

*pulls out my phone and shows you a picture from this morning* See, check your phone, I sent you a text this morning and last night

disguisedflaws asked: *smiles, looking up at you* I was joking. And also it feels really good when you trace your fingers on me. Is that weird?

No, that’s not weird at all. *smirks and traces lower down your back*

get-away-favorite-place asked: Go for it *starts cleaning up*

Yay! *smiles and gets three slices, putting them on plates* Are you eating?

disguisedflaws asked: *snuggles up to you, laying my head on your chest* Well you're no help. *smirks*

*smiles widely and cuddles you, tracing shapes on your back* I’m sorry 

get-away-favorite-place asked: *jumps slightly* hey hands off the goods *smiles and starts cutting the pizza*

I didn’t touch any goods *smirks and looks at the pizza* It looks delicious 

iamthenon-hipster asked: Michael, don't play dumb with me *tears up and finishes packing Kayden a bag* I'm just going to leave for the weekend to think. If you don't have your shit together by then... *sighs* I don't know... I'll miss you *tears fall*

*frowns and kisses you softly* Kayla, don’t do this. I don’t remember any three girls, I wasn’t even here last night, Luke was. I was with Calum and Ashton. 

disguisedflaws asked: *runs over to the couch, leaping onto you, giggling* What part of the movie did I fall asleep during?

*puts my hands on your hips and shrugs* I fell asleep right when you did *chuckles* 

69shadesofcunt asked: *goes downstairs and sees the boys* so, the concert?

"ah, yes, the concert… What about it? *smiles softly* -Ash"

iamthenon-hipster asked: I don't know Michael, why don't you ask the three other girls you slept with last night?! We aren't even married yet, Michael! *sighs and throws me some clothes in a bag* I think we need some space for a bit... *goes into Kayden's room and picks him up out his crib* I'm taking Kayden with me. *grabs his bag*

Kayla, what three girls? I don’t remember any three girls… *sighs and follows you, grabbing your arm and taking Kayden gently from you* Please, just talk to me. I don’t think we need space, I think we need to talk.