get-away-favorite-place asked: *sits beside you leaning against you and watches the movie*

*cuddles you and smiles, watching the move*

69shadesofcunt asked: I just wanna kiss you all the time *kisses back smiling then hears a click and turns* excuse you! "*smiles* what? I had to! You're being adorable and all -Niall" At least get a picture of us flipping you off *smiles back laughing*

*flips him the bird and chuckles* *looks at you* 

Anonymous asked: *looking through movies* is that what you want to watch?

Sure! *smiles* It’s really up to you though

get-away-favorite-place asked: *smiles and pulls you to the living room and puts the movie in*

*smiles and sits on the couch, pulling you beside me*

dammitbands asked: Well, I could say the same for you, Cliffo. *chuckles* Like I said, you're not too bad yourself. *winks*

*smirks and blushes* I think I like you wayyy too much for our own good

dammitbands asked: C'mon, you can tell me. I don't bite. *chuckles and smiles at you*

*smiles and bites my lip* I think you’re cute and pretty and talented… 

antionette1 asked: Would you maybe... Be my boyfriend?

Sure, of course I will. 

69shadesofcunt asked: *grabs your face squishing it* I love you so much cutie *kisses you many times*

*smiles and blushes deeply* I love you more *kisses you softly*

Anonymous asked: Well...*bites lip* the heat was pretty funny.. so is bridesmaids

*smirks* So is 21 Jump street. *chuckles*

disguisedflaws asked: Nahhh. Should we start cooking though? *smiles*

Oh, yeah *blushes and lets go of you, turning to start cooking*